The Fans

“2 Thumbs up” Houston, TX

“Sweet Blues from Connecticut”,USA

“Guitar play takes me to another dimension”, USA

“Yeeeee babeeee” Vancouver

“Love it,makes you want to grab a pool cue and a beer”,USA

“Hell Yea” Curitiba Brazil

“OH YEAH”,Florida


“Nice band” Bucharest, Romania

“Love the beat and sound”,Taiwan

“WOW” Portugal

“sweet” Mena, AZ

“I like It”,USA

“Love that sound” Boston, MA


“top notch” MIddleborough, UK

“Thank you for your dedication to all the troops”,USA

“ You have arrived. this is great. thank you ”,USA

“ nice job, Great bluesy vibe with gritty vocals, it don’t get much better than that. ” – Alan (London)